Releasing Klein

Klein is released on a time-dependent basis, similar to Twisted.

Each version is numbered with the major portion being the last two digits of the year, and the minor portion being the zero-indexed release number. That is, the first release of 2016 would be 16.0, and the second would be 16.1.

Doing a Release

  1. Change the version number and commit it.
  2. Clear the directory of any other changes using git clean -f -x -d  .
  3. Tag the release using git tag -s <release> -m "Tag <release> release"
  4. Push up the tag using git push --tags.
  5. Make a pull request for this changes. Continue when it is merged.
  6. Generate the tarball and wheel using python sdist bdist_wheel.
  7. Upload the tarball and wheel using twine upload dist/klein-*.