Example – Handling POST

The route decorator supports a methods keyword which is the list of HTTP methods as strings. For example, methods=['POST'] will cause the handler to be invoked when an POST request is received. If a handler can support multiple methods the current method can be distinguished with request.method.

Here is our "Hello, world!" example extended to support setting the name we are saying Hello to via a POST request with a name argument.

This also demonstrates the use of the redirect method of the request to redirect back to '/' after handling the POST.

The most specific handler should be defined first. So the POST handler must be defined before the handler with no methods.

from twisted.internet.defer import succeed
from klein import run, route


@route('/', methods=['POST'])
def setname(request):
    global name
    name = request.args.get('name', ['world'])[0]
    return succeed(None)

def hello(request):
    return "Hello, {0}!".format(name)

run("localhost", 8080)

The following curl command can be used to test this behaviour:

curl -v -L -d name='bob' http://localhost:8080/