Releasing Klein

Klein is released on a time-dependent basis, similar to Twisted.

Each version is numbered with the major portion being the last two digits of the year, and the minor portion being the zero-indexed release number. That is, the first release of 2016 would be 16.0, and the second would be 16.1.

Releasing Klein

  1. Start with a clean (no changes) source tree on the trunk branch.

  2. Create a new release candidate: tox -e release -- start

  3. Commit and push the branch

  4. Open a PR from the branch (follow the usual process for opening a PR).

  5. As appropriate, pull the latest code from trunk: git checkout trunk && git pull --rebase (or use the GitHub UI)

  6. To publish a release candidate to PyPI: tox -e release -- publish

  7. Obtain an approving review for the PR using the usual process.

  8. To publish a production release: tox -e release -- publish --final

  9. Merge the PR to the trunk branch.